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Buy 10 bras, get one for FREE!

Earn rewards every time you shop! Brayola is rewarding you for shopping with us, and for being such loyal brayolistas. We will give you a FREE bra with every 10th bra you buy!

How does it work?

Once you've reached the perfect 10 - we'll send a free bra your way.With Brayola Rewards, we are making bra shopping even more rewarding! Once you've bought your 10th bra with us, send us an email to and we will send you a bra, absolutely FREE! Every time you buy a bra with us, you will see your reward card automatically updated, counting down until you get your FREE Bra!

Which bra do I get for free?

This is the fun part. We will pick a bra from YOUR personal shop, so we know what you are going to love, and in what size!

Check out how many bras you have collected so far!

Terms of Use

Brayola Rewards are available to users all over the world.
Brayola Rewards will be deducted if the bra is returned for a refund.
If you do not have a perfect match bra in your shop, we will send you either a wishlist bra,
or one of your favorite bras when you reach 10 reward points,
Free Bra value will be an average of what you have already spent (if international, it will include shipping)
As soon as you have received your free bra, your points will be set to 0 again.
Bras bought must be over the value off $30 to qualify for a brayola reward point.
Brayola Rewards will be added within 48 hours of purchase.
Bras must all have been purchased within 1 year.

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