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42G is a little too big around. Feels great otherwise.
Best fitting bra I have purchased in years - and the price is reasonable! Wish it were available in all possible colors! 5 stars
it's comfortable, fits well, and doesn't rub. I have thick ledge around the lower perimiter which I blame on underwire bras, and yes, some may have been ill-fitting. The only thing I can complain is that I still sag in the front.


Soma Intimates:

Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra

Straps too wide
Awesome coverage! No buldging! No straps falling, wire seems very big tho
Feels like I budge on the sides a bit, however, wire seems to dig into my side as well I was wearing 38 HH. Straps slid off my shoulders and it would slide up in back. Comfortable otherwise
Straps fell, slide up in back budged put the top was advised to try 36 M UK size, however it wasn't available
band runs too small and the cups fit weird
Comfortable but some times doesnt set flat under breasts after it ages

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