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So rough and scratchy. I didn't feel like it had great lift or support.
So rough and scratchy. Can't imagine wearing all day. They weren't kidding about the lift. Was like I had torpedoes taped to my chest. I loved the lift, just hated the material Nd the unnatural finished shape.



To A Tee Front Close Bra

My favorite bra Ordering more Great fit


Soma Intimates:

Unlined Hope Bra

love it


Soma Intimates:

Sensuous Lace Unlined Selena Bra

I love the way it fits and looks on me.
This is the first bra that has fit me in years! I can wear it with confidence that I will not have top spillage. I really like the extra side support that keeps everything in place. I ordered my first one in black and now I am waiting on my white one to come in the mail.
This bra fit fine but the SEAMS....YUK! I do not understand why anyone wants seams on the cups, in my opinion, looks awful.

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