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Brayola points have finally arrived! Brayola is rewarding each and every one of you for being loyal brayolistas! We reward you with fabulous bonus points if you buy a bra with us. So, what’s in it for you gorgeous gals? Collect 100 points, and we will send you a bra from your personal shop...for free, just to say thank you :)
Here’s How it Works
7 brayola bonus points for buying a bra with brayola.
When you buy a bra, we will automatically add your points to your profile :)
Every user that reaches 100 brayola points will receive a free bra from brayola, our way of saying thank you for being such loyal customers. We will take one of your perfect match bras* from your personal shop and send it to you... free of charge.

with love,
the brayola team

terms of use brayola points are available to users all over the world.
brayola reserves the right to deduct brayola points from users who take advantage of the point system. A maximum of 30 points can be awarded to adding bras to your brayola drawer. If we detect that a brayola drawer is fake, we will contact the brayola user and act accordingly.
* if you do not have a perfect match bra shop, we will send you either a wishlist bra, or one of your favorite bras when you reach 100 points. (* 1 bra per year)

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