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Why Use Brayola Bra Size Converter?

There are so many brands of bras that use different size systems. Why? Brayola understands it has a lot to do with where the brand is based. There are many US companies, such as Wacoal, Playtex and UK companies such as Freya & Panache, and then there are the EU companies like Chantelle & Simone Perele. So how do you know what size you are?

Brayola is an international company, meaning we have over 300 different brands from all over the world. When you make your brayola profile, you may want to convert your size, or when you get your personal recommendation, you may want to compare your size, to what you wear now. So, what do you do?
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Bra Size Converter

Not sure which size you are? Use our quick and easy international bra size converter, to convert to your US/ UK size. So find out what size you need here:

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