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Our Mission

We're an intimates marketplace inspired by you.

Brayola was founded in 2012 with a firm belief that first layer dressing is an essential element of modern women’s self-care. We are passionate about creating a space in which you feel beautiful and supported in your body. We believe that you are your most joyful when you are confident and that beauty begins from the inside.

We are most excited about selecting and designing products with your dreams in mind! So check out our newest products or drop us a line and tell us what you think.

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Our Story

Orit Hashay founded Brayola when she was pregnant with her son and started to search for the perfect bra. The search proved to be more difficult than anticipated, and as a serial entrepreneur, she knew there had to be an easier way for herself as well as millions of other women to find bras that were comfortable, fit well and fun to wear.

A tech solution with a fashion twist, our algorithm analyzes data shared by a community of millions of women across the globe, all to find you the perfect bra. Brayola is the first online intimates marketplace to personally recommend bras based on your fit, style, budget and lifestyle.

Here you’ll receive 1000s of reviews from other women just like you. We’ve got every category of intimates apparel, tons of great brands and cups sizes A to N. Jump in, look around, get inspired. We can’t wait to hear from you!