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The side shapers in this bra poked me so much that no other feature of it was worth considering and I ended up throwing it out. The way the sides crumpled & forced the shaping material into me was intolerable



Vintage Lace Wire-Free Bra

Super comfy and a nice change from the usual utilitarian bras in my size range.
I ordered two of the Warner's - No Side Effects Wirefree Bra. One was white the other was this toasted almond. I love the white one, however when I went to put the toasted almond one on today, one of the hooks is missing in the back and it is broken, I did take a picture of it with my cell phone and I have tried to contact you all regarding the broken one to see about a replacement. I can send a picture if you have an email address I can forward it to. As I stated I love the white one, would love to order more but until I see how the broken one will be resolved, I believe I will just wait and not order anymore at this time. Also I only got credit for purchasing one bra on my rewards card. Thanks in advance for your help.
The cups were pointy, so i didn't like the shape.
Looks like it would do for me. I am short wasted and do better with a low cut bra.



To A Tee Wirefree Contour Bra

Comfortable!!! Love the way this bra fits me.
44DD was too big! I hate that I spent this money, and the bras don't fit. It doesn't snap well in the back.



Nyla Balconnet Bra

Fine on bottom; gaps like crazy on top.


Parfait by Affinitas:

Parfait Tamara 3 Part Padded Bra

Gaps on top; seam hits nipple; too padded, dislike lace.



Porcelain Marni Contour T-Shirt Bra

Straps too far to side. Coupled with stiff cup, digs into side/arm.

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