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I need one cup larger in this size
Beautiful fit and uplift. Very comfortable to wear all day
Seems to run small on the band size compared to my other more expensive bras, but once I found the right size it fits great. Comfortable and the straps don't slip (which is huge for me!). Can't be beat especially at this price.
It does what it says!! It's the first wireless bra I've ever worn that doesn't itch, keeps boobs in place, and prevents sweating! It's the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. I won't wear it for dressy occasions, because it does give me a case of "uniboob," but I wear it every day!
Basic "workhorse" bra, and common go-to bra for basic comfort and smooth look.
Comfortable, doesn't cut or bind. Less stress on my shoulders too.



Kayla Banded Underwire Bra

This is an amazing bra. 2 hooks in the back making it easier to aim and shoot from behind. comfortable. nice



Merci 3 Part Cup Bra

Amazing Bra
comfortable mostly but straps don't stay up

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