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Lane Bryant~Cacique:

Cacique Passion Lace Full Coverage Bra

The straps fall off my shoulders, and the cups run a little small.
It 'used' to be the only bra I would purchase. But - the last two times I ordered one I noticed that instead of the 3 notch fasteners, it was increased to 4 - which are hard to fasten as not as big around & the straps WAY too short. Not comfortable and difficult to get on and off.
a little snug - creaks when i move -but holds me in not sure if a 42 D would be better - they seem to be a tad big on me and i have to start out on the 3rd row, so when they give as all bras do i have no where else to go. wish bras were made in 1/2 sizes...
I have worn this wonderful bra as my everyday bra for many years. The wide band supports most of the weight of my "girls",so the shoulder straps put very little pressure on my shoulders, even after a full days wear. In fact the fit is so good that I rarely have to fiddle with the straps or tug at the band. For those of us with "more up top" the support and cup coverage make this a great bra to wear while working out. Now for the downsides; the firm support and construction give a look that is too "pointy" for some wearers, the cups are seamed and will show though some tops, it's an underwire bra so get used to the idea of hand washing, finally the color selection is pretty limited (your choices are white, beige, and just recently midnight). After searching the internet for sellers but I finally found the midnight (black) color in my bra size (42DDD) and happily bought four of them. I recommend you stock up on the midnight color since Bali has a history of discontinuing any color in this bra which isn't beige or white.
Not enough support at the sides and didn't sit flush against my skin between the breasts.



N Plus Size Bare Support Unlined Molded Bra

Cups cut in and I have problems with my neck when I wear this bra

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