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Fits exactly as expected after measuring myself and using a bra calculator. LOVE this. Helps my posture immensely.
Very comfortable & supportive. I feel like the both the band and cup run large. My size varies Between 32H - 32J or 34GG-34HH and the 32H fit perfectly.
Very nice material the lace is not itchy at all. I got a 36H but the cups didn't fit. It gave me the bulge the cups seem small.
I'm a 36H and this bra is one of the most comfortable Brad I've ever had. I will be getting the other colors.



Concealers Underwire Bra

This bra gave me good shape inside a tshirt, but my boobs sagged in the bra itself....deflated balloons.



Classic Charms Underwire Bra

Love the fit holds me wonderfully

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