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The hooks in the front push our and show. I do like the back because the straps stay up as my right shoulder is lower than my left. I think I need a new size as my band measures 36 inches not instead of 38 inches.



Gel Pad Push Up Underwire Bra

I love this bra its really comfortable and its a push up
Love it need one more in this size pls
the only thing I like about this bra is that it is a T-back.



Black Lace Extreme Push-Up Bra

I like the stretch in the band but the cup size is way too big.
This bra gives fantastic support. I am full-breasted and I need excellent uplift and separation. Wearing this Elomi bra makes me feel younger and somehow more energetic. I recommend this bra to others. It is well worth the money.
love the fit..actually wearing 42D but have lost weight and it is loose in cup and around back so thinking to go size and cup smaller
love the way this bra fits, everything is in its place and is a very comfortable bra



Denmark Simplex Minimizer Bra

just made me look rounder was not a nice look

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