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® Comfort Devotion Lace Extra Coverage Bra

The most comfortable bra I own.


Genie Bra:

Genie Bra

Wear these because of bilateral mastectomy. Do you have anything similar?


Vanity Fair:

Beautiful Benefits Contour Back Smoother

It is fairly comfortable in the cup area and it is a nice weight.



18 Hour Comfort Shaping Bra

I like it; it's comfortable
comfortable adjusts for less than perfect breasts.
I like it because it takes care of everything up front comfortably. I sometimes feel I could have gone with a smaller size, but not really sure. I currently have it as 36c, but think maybe a 36b would be fine
I really like it but think maybe I should have bought a 42DD



Embroidered Underwire Bra

I love this bra, but can no longer find in my local stores. I've lost a lot of weight and need a new size, but not sure which to order.

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